The College Office

1.About the Office

The College Office is responsible for the routines of the College’s party committee and administration. Focusing on the College’s overall deployment and planning, it serves as an information hub of the College and a strong support for the leadership team, coordinating the daily management, advancing important tasks, providing good services for teachers and students. Apart from these above, the duties of the Office involve the following: official document processing, seal use and management, information disclosure, petitions, supervision, legal affairs, the management of CPC members’ party membership and documents of the party committee, the construction of clean governance, the management of press coverage, banner approval, publicity, media liaison, new media operations, the organization and coordination of big events, and the implementation of other decisions by the College’s leaders.


    2.Organizational Structure

The College Office is divided into the three sections:General Management Section, Secretariat Section, and the Party Affairs Publicity Section.


The Director takes full charge of the Office, and General Management Section as well as Secretariat Section.


The Associate Director provides assistance for the director and administers the Party Affairs Section.


General Management Section is responsible for preparation, coordination and organization of big events, organization of collegewide conferences, liaison and reception handling, comprehensive statistical collection and other relevant legal affairs.


Secretariat Section is responsible for drafting and handling documents, managing official seals and conference venues, as well as goods & assets, supervision, petitions, archival collection and so on.


The duties of the Party Affairs Section are to supervise the implementation of relevant resolutions and decisions made by the College’s Party Committee, to manage the party memberships and promotion in or outside of the College.