Department of Public Administration

    1. About the Department

 The Department of Public Administration is founded in September 2007. In accordance with the great tradition of Sun Yat-Sen University, we initiated a distinctive talent development system characterized by “solid theoretical grounding, strong specialty, professional competence and practical ability”. With the support of faculty members from Sun Yat-sen University, we are firmly committed to excellence in teaching and learning and nurturing high caliber practitioners to serve the community.

With a total of more than 1600 full-time undergraduate students, the Department of Public Administration is home of four mainstream programs: Administration Management, Human Resource Management, Public Administration as well as Cultural and Industrial Management. Among them, Administration Management serves as the core program of the College and was accredited as Pilot Unit of Comprehensive Major Reform of Guangdong Province (2012). Human Resource Management was elected as the first range of “Subjects of Specialty” and accredited as Pilot Unit of Comprehensive Major Reform of Guangdong Province (2015). Some graduates have been recruited into a variety of government sectors, enterprises or public institutions, while others have got the opportunities to pursue postgraduate education at prestigious colleges and universities at home or abroad.


With the support of faculty and resources of our Department, National Head Hunting Research Center was founded in Nanfang College in 2013 and became the first research center dedicated to academic research of the Head Hunting industry in a tertiary institution. In 2018, we initiated the establishment of Guangdong Head Hunting Research Society and attracted a group of theoretical and practical experts in the industry to contribute to the industry.


    2. People

Chen Tianxiang, 

Dean, PhD of Management. Professor and Ph.D Supervisor, Director of Human Resource Research and Development Center of Sun Yat-Sen University.

Research Interests: Human Resource Management, Government Performance Evaluation, System Innovation, Government Reform.

Chen was selected as New Century Excellent Talents (NCET) in Support Programs of the Ministry of Education and honored with South Guangdong Excellent Teacher Award. He has published 16 monographs and textbooks, over 80 academic papers. He has also led and participated in more than 30 research projects.


Lv Peian,

Assistant to the Dean, PhD of Management, Associate Professor.

Research Interests: System Analysis, Community Study & Healthy Cities, Lifetime Education.

Lv has published numerous research papers.


Ren Jiantao, 

Ph.D, Ph.D Supervisor, Visiting Professor of the Department of Public Administration, Nanfang College, Professor of Tsinghua University, “Yangtze River Scholars” Professor, Candidate of NECT, Specialist with special allowance from China’s States Council.

Research Interests: Political Philosophy, History of Western Political Thoughts.

Ren has won such numerous honors and awards as the second prize of the Ministry of Education – Excellent Humanity and Social Science Publications, the first prize of Excellent Humanity and Social Science Publications (Guangdong Province), Huaxia Talent Foundation funding, Excellent Teacher award from Yingtung Education Foundation, Baogang Education Foundation award, and Star Teacher of Sun Yat-Sen University.


Nie Jinghong,

PhD, Professor, Subject Leader of Public Relationships of Design and Communication Department, Sun Yat-Sen University.

Research Interests: Political Communication, Communication Policy and Regulations, Crisis Management.

Nie has published over 40 thesis and 3 books, and has participated in more than 20 research projects.


Li Xueying, 

Master of Economy, Professor.

Research Interests: Political Economy, Economy and Renovation of Socialism.

Cun Xiaogang, 

Master of Management, Associate Professor.

Research Interests: Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Strategy Management, Information System Management.

Cun has published 14 research papers in key domestic and foreign academic journals


Wang Xiaomin, 

Ph.D of History, Associate Professor.

Research Interests: World History, Political Science, Public Governance.


Liu Yundong, 

Ph.D of Law, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Public Management, Urban Management, Construction against Corruption, Staffing Management, etc.

Liu is the main editor or co-editor of 3 textbooks like Management. He also published a number of research papers.


Zhou Xianjie, 

Ph.D, Assistant Professor.

Research Interests: Service Quality Management, Leisure and Tourism Management, Consumer Behavior, Market Research and Analysis, Event and Festivals Tourism.


He Zhaozhong, 

Ph.D, Assistant Professor.

Research Interests: Industrial Management, Decision Making Analysis.

He has published 5 core research papers.


Hu Pengnia, 

Ph.D, Assistant Professor.

Research Interests: Law, Public Relationship.


Bian Lin, 


Research Interests: Industrial Structure and Human Resource, Career Development and Human Resource.


Wang Qun, 

Ph.D Candidate. Lecturer.

Research Interests: Administrative Management, Rural Sociology.


Wen Jing, 

Ph.D Candidate, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Non-Profit Organizations, Local Public Governance, Motivating and Training for Employees.


Wang Ye, 

Ph.D Candidate, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Communication Theories, New Media Communication, Media Culture.


Tang Haisheng, 

Ph.D Candidate, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Macro Economic Policies, Government Staffing System.


Liu Shengfei, 

MA, Part-Time Lawyer.

Research Interests: Jurisprudence, Judicial Action System.


Cai Baojing, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Brand Management, Crisis Public Relation, Business Etiquette.


Ma Qianying, 

MA, Lecturer

Research Interests: Advertising Communication.


Li Xiang, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Sociology of Education, Social Issues.


Li Baohua, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Recruitment Theories, Human Resource Management, Education Management, Business Management.


Chen Fen, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Public Human Resource, Public Governance.


Yang Xiuping, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Human Resource Management.


Huang Shuiqing, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Organizational and Cultural Innovation, HR Practice in China’s Excellent Companies.


Hao Yujie, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Organization Behavioristics, Employee’s Work-Family Investigation.


Hua Lei, 

Ph.D Candidate, Assistant Lecturer.

Research Interests: Bureaucracy, Governance, Citizen Political Attitude.


Zhang Xiurong, 

MA, Lecturer.

Research Interests: Environmental Planning, Landscape Design.


Zeng Sishi, 

MA, Assistant Lecturer.

Research Interests: Project Management, Tourism Management


Song Ruifeng,

MA, Assistant Lecturer.

Research Interests: Constitution and Rights, Law and Psychology.


    2. Programs

Administrative Management

Administrative Management is among the first tier of key programs of Nanfang College. Our program is central to its mission of “solid theoretical grounding, strong specialty, professional competence and practical ability”, with the aim at enhancing students’ cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills. We have set up a special module of “government officer + local governance”, and provided students with a training & practicing platform by means of a wide range of recourses from the College, the government and society. We aim at developing professional talents equipped not only with sound grounding in both theoretical and applied aspects, independent academic ability, but also with innovative and creative minds, as well as a strong sense of responsibility to the public and society. Students are expected to master systematic theoretical knowledge and methodologies of administrative management, and develop the abilities of management, communication, coordination, planning, researching, organizing and execution.

The Program offers the following courses: Administrative Management, Public Management & Local Governance, Non-Profit Organization Management, Leadership Development, Social Service Program Management, Social Research Theory & Methodology, Administrative Case Analysis, Official Document Writing, Human Resource Management, Public Policy, and Electronic Government Affairs.


Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management is among the first tier of key programs of the College. The program aims at:

· Preparing students with sound theoretical foundation

· Broadening students’ knowledge

· Upgrading students’ comprehensive competence and management skills

· Enabling students to be creative, innovative and knowledgeable professionals


Our students are capable of organizing, designing, recruiting, motivating, pay rate managing, training and professional developing, leadership developing, recruitment consulting, business cultural developing, etc. Our graduates are professional talents with sound knowledge of labor market policies and regulations, proficient computer skills and global vision, HR planning and executive function.

The Program offers the following courses: Fundamentals of Management, Fundamentals of Economy, Labor Economics, Introductions to Human Resource Management, Workplace Analysis and Human Resource Planning, Staff Quality Assessment and Recruitment, Performance and Pay Rate Management Theory and Practice, Employee Professional development and Training, Leadership Development, Strategic Management, Managing Information System, Organization Diagnosis and Interference.



Public Relationship


Public Relationship Program is made up of the following three strands:

1. Media Re-structuring and Marketing. Students will be able to intergrade and utilize media like television, radio, newspaper, mobile TV, outdoor media and new media to reach best communication outcomes and build a multi-media platform of resources, content, promotion, and profit advantages.

2. Expo Planning. It focuses on industrial optimization, market developing, boosting consumption, communication & cooperation, economic development, urban civilization, harmonious society and other positive goals, preparing students with expo planning ability, including project establishment, investment and participants attraction, budget and operation proposals and other important skills.


3. Advertising and Media Marketing. The program is designed to provide our students with an interdisciplinary academic background covering economics, communication, management and others. Students will be familiarized with not only the history and the status quo of the communication industry, but also the laws & approaches and development strategies of advertising and media marketing. The program involves theoretical review and innovative construction of advertising operation and media economic management, and research on the status quo and development strategies of advertising operation & media economic management in China. It is dedicated to nurturing high caliber graduates able to work in a dynamic environment of new media communication with a broad range of academic and practical skills.


The Program offers the following courses: Public Relation, Management, Communication Theory, Marketing Theory, Business Culture, Social Psychology, Fundamentals of Advertisement, Creative Advertising, News Reporting and Writing, Expo Management, Crisis Management, etc.


Cultural Industry Management.

Cultural industry is young but fast growing industry in great need of professionals with knowledge of culturalism, management and economics as well as comprehensive competence including leadership and creativity to bridge “culture” and “industry” in applied aspects. Our students will be playing important roles in a variety of organizations including government institutions of cultural management, digital entertainment and community culture development, public service, etc. Digital entertainment and community culture development are two major areas our students are aiming for their future careers.

The Program offers the following courses: Introduction to Cultural Industry, Contemporary western cultural industry, Modern Marketing Studies, Creativity and Planning of Cultural Industry, Communication Studies, Advertising, Media Culture Studies, Industrial Human Resource Management, Project Planning and Managing, Public Relations, Accounting, Cultural Industry Trading Studies, Cultural Industry Economics, Cultural Policies and Regulations, Intellectual Property Law, Administrative Management, Social Science, Film and Television Arts, Chinese Cultural History, etc.



    4. Contact Us

Contact: Pan Xiaodie

Tel: 020-61787344