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About NFC

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University (NFC), approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in 2006, is a private college jointly founded by Sun Yat-sen University and Guangzhou Pearl River Investment Inc. It is a multidisciplinary full-time applied undergraduate institution of higher learning, which was selected as one of the pilot institutions involved in the application-oriented transformation in Guangdong Province in 2016.

The campus, located in Conghua District of Guangzhou, is known as “Pearl on the Tropic of Cancer” and “Urban Paradise of Guangzhou”. It covers an area of 1,000mu (about 165 acres). Since its foundation in 2006, Nanfang College has developed into a modern comprehensive college which offers a supportive and sound teaching and learning environment as well as a variety of recreational facilities. The campus has a charming landscape with verdant surroundings featuring fresh air and lush vegetation, which well serves as an ideal place for learning, teaching and research.

With a total area of 29,000 square meters, the Library holds an extensive collection of 2.05 million items, and enjoys free access to 68,375 Chinese e-periodicals, 52,123 titles of e-periodicals in foreign languages, over 1.54 million Chinese e-books, 559,800 foreign e-books, Superstar Mobile Library, Bookan e-Database as well as XOPAC CD materials of Sun Yan-sen University Library. Currently, a digital library is taking shape. To accommodate the growth of increase in users and fully meet their needs, the Library has initiated the model of 24-hour service.


Discipline Development

Currently, Nanfang College comprises 10 schools or departments with 39 undergraduate majors offered, featuring management, economics and literature and supplemented by engineering, science, medicine and art. Now there are a total of 19, 232 undergraduates and 2,348 continuing education students.  

The College is dedicated itself to discipline and scientific research construction. Great achievements have been made as follows: 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 provincial specialty programs, 5 provincial college students practice teaching base, 3 provincial teaching teams, 5 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, 1 provincial strategic emerging industry specialty project, 7 provincial comprehensive reform pilot projects, 6 provincial experimental areas for talent training mode innovation, 1 provincial applied talent development demonstration program, 1 provincial key program, 2 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial outstanding talent development project, 6 college-level projects on key program construction, and 5 college-level specialty program construction projects. Additionally, the College has established 15 scientific research institutions at the college and department levels such as Financial Markets and Kinetics Strategy Research Center, as well as a college-level scientific research team.

The College has undertaken 3 national projects, 108 provincial-level ones, 32 horizontal ones, with the total funding up to 20.639 million yuan. Since 2013, our teaching faculty have published 1,115 academic articles. Among them, 174 items of articles have been included by SCI, SSCI, EI, TSSCI and other high-profile international indexes, with 7 written by our undergraduates. As a result, our college ranks among the independent colleges nationwide in terms of published research. Our students have won nearly 1,000 provincial and above awards in various competitions.


The College pushes forward the strategy “arming the College with talents”. In order to build an energetic and multi-tiered team of high-quality teachers with a global vision, we have engaged distinguished scholars from all corners of the world, including teachers from Sun Yat-sen University, graduates with master's or doctor’s degrees from "985" and "211" universities, outstanding teachers from America, Britain, France, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and experienced senior business management and competent technical professionals with overseas study or relevant work experience.

We are proud that the College today has 879 teachers and distinguished scholars including 12 Ph.D supervisors, 2 New Century Excellent Talents (NCET) of the Ministry of Education, 1 Guangdong High-level Personnel of Special Support Program, 1 Star Teacher of Guangdong Institutions of Higher Learning, 4 recipients of South Guangdong Excellent Teacher Awards, 2 recipients of Guangdong Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award, 1 recipient of the Training Program for Outstanding Young Teachers of Guangdong Institutions of Higher Learning, 23 young and mid-aged domestic visiting scholars, 5 recipients of the Thousand-Hundred-Ten Talent Development Project, 1 Outstanding Educator and 1 Outstanding Teacher of Guangdong Private Colleges and Universities.

Recruiting outstanding staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning, research, and knowledge exchange is one of the College’s top priorities. In recognizing that having staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences contributes to the intellectual and multicultural vibrancy of NFC, we actively recruit academic talents from across the country, for example, Pro. Xia Shuzhang, Pro. Huang Tianqi, Pro. Chen Pingyuan as academic consultants, 9 influential scholars (or professors) like Ba Shusong, Ren Jiantao, Zhang Jun, Zhong Mei, Tan Jinsong, Wang Zhemin and Chen Shuheng as adjunct professors. Besides, the College has recruited 46 Ph.Ds from Taiwan from 2016 to 2017.

Nanfang College adheres to its core value “aim higher, be more distinctive, be more open-minded”, keeps to its mission to nurture innovative applied talents of the highest caliber for local economic construction and social development, and constantly advances education reform. In accordance with the talent training mode of “promising employability, solid foundation, proficiency, extensive abilities, employment-oriented development”, the College has been engaging in building a high-calibre applied talent development system.

The College launched a policy in 2013 that students are free to change majors. In 2015, it initiated a full credit-oriented system, being one of the pilot colleges and universities in Guangdong. The College embraces a student-oriented educational principle of tailoring teaching and learning to students' needs. In this way, it has succeeded in the transformation from school planning and control to students' self-selection with respect to the allocation of teaching resources, and has established an educational platform that respects students’ diverse growth, and suits the needs of social development.

The curriculum system and teaching model of the College is distinguished by a “trinity” educating principle, namely, strengthening students’ ideological and political education and general education, carrying out students’ self-learning practice under full-time teachers’ and counsellors’ guidance so as to form a multi-dimensional education system for cultivating students, which is more conducive to the improvement of students’ comprehensive abilities and personal attributes.

In order to accommodate social needs, the College launched diverse talent development programs, such as Institute of Politics & Business Studies, ACCA and CGA pioneering classes, Applied Economics Talents Innovation of Pioneering Class, Pearl River Excellent Engineers Training Specialty Class. Through the combination of various training in pioneering classes, tailored instruction and international education, a distinctive “top applied talents” development platform and system have been established.

The College is committed to integrating education into the international higher education community, implementing a diversified joint training program and conducting education cooperation actively as well as attracting oversea quality educational resources, being one of the first colleges and universities which have launched programs inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative of the National Development and Reform Commission to enroll international students from the B&R countries. By means of various training programs such as joint bachelor’s and master’s training program, “2+2” and “3+1” programs (mutual recognition of academic credits), international exchange student program, study abroad and study tours programs, the College have carried out extensive education exchange and cooperation with over 20 famous international universities such as Hagers University, Miami University, Mid-Western State University, Alliant International University, Oxford University, University of Hull, Edinburgh Napier University, Business & Hotel Management School, Swiss, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Japan. Until now, there have been more than 300 students studying abroad.


Over the past twelve years, NFC has been enhancing the school-running performance. As a result, its graduate employment rate has exceeded 93%, the graduates enjoy a good reputation in the job market and a high social recognition. The College has won the following awards: Outstanding Contribution Award of Guangdong Private Education, High-Impact Private College in China, and Chinese Private College with the Most Distinctive School-Running Mode. NFC was honored with the titles of “2018 6-Star Independent College” and “Top Independent College in China” by, ranking the fourth in Guangdong Province and the thirteenth nationwide. Besides, it won the award “2017 High-Impact Independent College” in the competition held by Xinhua Education Forum, ranking No. 1.

Nanfang College is ambitious to scale new heights in the years ahead. With the solid foundation laid for NFC, we are forging ahead with determination, innovative development philosophy, truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit to enter the national first-tier of private universities step by step. We will continue to do our job well through collective efforts and we look forward to more innovation, new opportunities and greater accomplishments in the future development of the College.