Two projects of our school have been approved the establishment

来源:NANFANG COLLEGE OF SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY     发布时间:2019-06-17      

Recently, the Guangdong Social Science Planning website released the list of 2018 provincial philosophy and social science planning co-construction projects and post-funded projects. Two of our schools’ projects appeared on the list. The subject co-construction project is a project type of the Guangdong Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project. It aims to support the construction of the discipline system of the philosophy and social science in our province and the development of talented human resource and to enhance the level and overall strength of philosophy and social science research in Guangdong Province. It is reported that there were 1544 applications reviewed for the 2018 annual co-construction projects, but finally, only 338 were confirmed and finalized.


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